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City of Glass 14 - (Dialogue)   120x80cms


City of Glass 14 - (Dialogue) was painted during a two week Residency at Bude Castle, alongside a solo exhibition 'The New York Trilogy' at the Willoughby Gallery.



It's done. And so, finally is my application to the Pollack-Krasner Foundation - ping, there it goes. Twenty years in the making according to Denise.
Possibly, maybe...'Dialogue' refers to the dialogue between left-side and right-side, in particular the perspective line of the roof that 'talks' to the angled spike of the Williamsburg Bridge. It seems to lift Manhattan and make it vertical. .The last acts were tuning up the orange, making it warmer with the introduction of Indian Yellow and warm orange glazes and increasing the tonal shift from top to bottom.  'Dialogue' of course has a literary reference...
The grids are in harmony, verticals and horizontals, powerful intersections. All along I've tried to integrate the different grids: the grid of the streets, the physical grid of the painting itself with the canvas divides, the process mapping-out grid, the grid of the facade of a building. The canvas divides are along streets critical to the story* W107th St and 42nd St. The new Tower of Babel, the building that emerged with the removal of the paint on the right - the beauty of the revealed -  is giant, corporate, sinister... it appears transparent, made of glass.....
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*from 'The New York Trilogy' by Paul Auster