BOOK 3 800 Copy

NOV/DEC 2020

With the conclusion of the '20 Books=20 Paintings' series and the exhibition at Linden Hall Studio, getting closer, I've been looking again at all the paintings.  With this piece I strengthened the line and colour around the canvas. The area of blue on the right is now denser and flatter, cradling the head of the bull. A powerful painting.


Book 3 best master 1500 darker 900 Copy'Book 3'  45x70cms  oil on canvas



More paint...redrawing... more paint...redrawing...the eye removed, a twist of the head, strength now in the legs,,, now we see the weight and power and menace of the beast. Now more Picasso than Chagall (below)... what do you see?  where are we?  what book?


Book 3 800 Copy



 palette Copy


9 JUNE 2018



DSC 0048best900web Copy



An eye infection stops this painting moving forward but in this blurry world my vision for the painting is getting clearer...see/sea


The first session - a big old storm....