The gallery above is from our first online 'Freedom in Painting' workshop, where over two days, the 10 artists explored a shifting relationship between ‘Image & Ground’.  

Working with an image of their choice, the artists were encouraged to move away from pre-conceived ideas and to embrace the uncertainties of the process, looking for clarity, balance and surprise in their work.  

Following the format of our physical workshops, we began with a Powerpoint presentation (from Rembrandt portraits to contemporary painter Alex Hanna), followed by a series of demonstrations and group exercises, alternating between image and ground.


lupe editLUPA CUNHA'S second painting: in progress (left) and  at the end of the workshop (right)


The artists were asked to photograph their work during the various stages and then email to me for individual tuition and to share during the Group Critique at the end of the workshop. 





As it was our first online painting-workshop, nobody knew quite what to expect, including myself, but from the feedback it was definitely a success and something we will continue in the future with a few tweaks (I need more time to edit the images of the artists work!). The ZOOM platform was really good and easy to use. Like any workshop, it was a good place for listening in to conversations about other peoples paintings which can be beneficial for your own work.


ASHLEY BLOGMy demonstration painting: 'Porthleven 49' - in progress


The 'image and ground', the yellow and pink, seem to cancel each other out. Where to next? - I think the pink is going to invade the yellow...



'The workshop worked out really well. The preamble is always excellent with a great selection of appropriate artists work to inform and inspire'  CAROL HAYSLIP

'Ashley gave us an informative, content-rich two days with a nice relaxed feel to it which was good to take part in.'  LUPE CUNHA

'I learnt a lot both for my own practice and about others -  I did enjoy eavesdropping on the other tutorials and the critique at the end'  ADRIENNE 

'It was a good couple of days and hope to come again. I thought your demos were good and the one to one worked well'  KAREN MARTIN