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This latest painting in the '20 Books=20 Paintings' series can be in seen my upcoming solo-exhibition 'Painting the Novel', at Linden Hall Studio, Deal. 3 - 24 April 2021. The possibilities of painting in crime-fiction...



Reflections, refinements. A jolting blue mark, a line of yellow dots, new reds - now a rhythmic stack up the right-side.

Deeper into painting (6). This surface is worked. A smear/tongue of rust-red in the top-left corner brings difference and direction. Subterranean: cutting through, peeling back layers (5), the reveal of the underpainting. This mark has a presence, part of a trinity of incident. Detail is not always reaching for the smallest brush. I'm enjoying the looking: the meditation of the process, leading to insight. Dense colour and space, emptiness... and silence, in sync with the landscape of the novel. Somehow the canvas-divide allows a shift in scale...


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The shape of place (4) and some new reds...


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Narrative/image...facts from fiction (3). Placement, scale, language: what works for the painting?


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SAT 11 NOV p.m.

Location (2)...


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SAT 7 NOV a.m.

Palette (1)...