Matisse Conversation
'The Conversation', Matisse


'All artists have their influences. Many have taken this further and re-worked and re-interpreted the work of other artists...'

We recently held our second online ZOOM painting-workshop, 'INTERPRETATION: Re-working the Masterpiece', with the artists choosing a favourite painting to work from. Their selection included works by Matisse, Pieter de Hooch, Gauguin, David Hockney, Klimt, Bonnard and Cezanne.  A formidable task, with the ambition for each artist to put their own individual stamp on their chosen work.  However, the focus and intensity of working over the 2 days resulted in some striking and inventive paintings.

The workshop began with each artists introducing themselves (and their chosen painting) to the group. This was followed by a talk and Powerpoint presentation, showing the many different ways that artists - both historical and contemporary, have responded to the work of other artists. 

The group were then asked to produce four drawings from their 'masterpiece' - each with a different emphasis, injecting the personal, giving four options and ideas for a painting.


hazel drawingscrop
Hazel Crawford's studies from 'Garrowby Hill' by David Hockney


The rest of our time was devoted to painting, with further demonstrations, with each artist having a personal tutorial on both days.  During the workshop artists were asked to email images of their paintings to help with their tuition. For our Group Critique at the end of the course I put together another Powerpoint slideshow so we could all see and comment on the many fine paintings produced.






1. Beryl Hawker: from 'The Conversation' , Henri Matisse

2. Jenny Kellington: from 'The Pink Studio', Henri Matisse

3. Catriona Campbell: from 'The Virgin', Gustav Klimpt

4. Ruth Dalzell: from 'Courtyard in Delft', Pieter de Hooch

5. Ashley Hanson: from 'The Large Bathers', Paul Cezanne

6. Hazel Crawford: from 'Going up Garrowby Hill', David Hockney

7. Barry Kellington: from 'Are you Jealous?' Paul Gauguin

8. Hazel Crawford: from 'Garrowby Hill', David Hockney

9,10,12. Suzanne Jones: from 'The Conversation', Henri Matisse

11. Barry Kellington: from 'The Table', Pierre Bonnard 



'I cannot thank you enough for two amazing days I was very apprehensive at first with Zoom but it went well. I was blown away by the explosion of colour particularly  happy making in these peculiar times. I learnt so much and hope I can take part another time. Meanwhile I have fallen back in love with my oil paints and feel inspired to use them again'  SUZANNE JONES

'I really really enjoyed the course and meeting the other participants. My best bits were the individual tutorial time with Ashley, watching Ashley work on his own painting and the group crit at the end. It was also great to have some general chat time, which we would have had at lunch and breaks on a physical course. I  also tuned in some times to other people's tutorials while I was painting and I enjoyed that too. The course was the right balance of teaching and practical time for painting'  RUTH DALZELL

'We really enjoyed the workshop, which was just at the right time amidst this terrible lockdown.  It gave us a ray of light to lift the spirits and to get us painting again. I enjoyed the initial talk you gave Ashley and understanding how the great artists had copied other pictures. The quick drawing worked for me and I will use again. In fact I am hoping to use the entire process again'  BARRY & JENNY KELLINGTON

'I’ve attended a few workshops with Ashley in real life so wondered what the virtual experience would be like. I was pleasantly surprised and as usual felt inspired by Ashley’s presentations and demonstrations.   The tutorials worked very well and it was good to see everyone else’s work throughout the two days and in the critique at the end. To anyone hesitating about doing an online workshop with Ashley I’d definitely recommend you give it a try. You won’t have to carry your materials and the time you save on travel you can use to do more painting!' CATRIONA CAMPBELL