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The aim in all the 'Freedom in Painting' workshops and courses, is to offer a space where can artists can embrace new ideas and challenges, expanding on existing skills and knowledge, in the pursuit of something new, different and exciting in their work. 

We recently held our third online 'Freedom in Painting' workshop, this time looking at the world of interior spaces in all its' guises: narrative, the autobiographical, the decorative, the symbolic, the intimate, the playpen for exploring pattern, textures, design, colour, light & space.

The 10 participating artists were asked to bring two pre-coloured canvases to the workshop, together with studies, drawings, ideas of a real or imagined rooms, with or without the figure.


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Jane Crane                                                                                       Karen Martin


After the artists introduced themselves and their ideas to the group, I gave a Powerpoint presentation of the many uses, styles, interpretations of the interior in painting thoughout art-history, including many contemporary examples. As artists, we all part of one, big, continuing story...

After two demonstrations in the morning session, the artists were encouraged to begin their paintings in 2 different ways, the first using tone, with a light source and the second springboarding from colour. The 'interior' in my painting was an imagined one, taken from fiction, a new 'City of Glass' painting. 

In the afternnon, personal tutorials were interspersed with further demonstations and instructions for the artists to follow, with the aim of creating a shift, an alternative to explore in their work. On Day 2, there were further demonstations and tutorials followed by silent working time. Everybody enjoyed the opportunity to share and discuss the work made in the Group Critique at the end of the day. As ever, with the focus and intensity of working there were many surprises and evolutions over the 2-days of the painting-workshop, resulting in another strong body of work. Hats off to the artists...






'Thank you for an interesting two day workshop. I found it both thought provoking and challenging.' Karen Martin

'Brilliant painting days, thank-you so much..still painting in my head.' Jane Crane

 'I really enjoyed getting the inspiration and having a reference from the slideshow of other artists who had tackled the same subject matter. And just having the opportunity to play with no agenda.'  Sam Pentin

 'Really liked Ashley's research on artists who had painted rooms. I liked seeing other artists work and hearing their views.' Peter Waters