Start Date: 22/03/2018
Finish Date: 23/03/2018
Timings: 9.30a.m. - 5.30.p.m.
Duration: 2 Day
Location: Creek Creative, Faversham, Kent
Places Available: 12 artists: No
Cost: £120

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A 2- day workshop exploring, interpreting/translating the novel - narrative, plot, image, character, location, emotion, sensation- into painting.

The choice of novel (or poem) is down to each individual artist. In advance of the course, artists are asked to read and re-read their chosen novel (or poem) and formulate ideas and possibilities for painting to explore during the workshop.

Ashley Hanson talking about his ‘City of Glass’ series from Paul Auster’s novel ‘The New York Trilogy:      ‘It is thrilling to be working from another artform, combining images sourced from narrative and text with memories of my own experience of New York. As a painter I can relate to Auster’s striking imagery and complex layerings of identity and truth and his acknowledgement and explorations of chance’  

The workshop will begin will a brief talk about the relationship between artists and the novel, followed by the laying down of ideas in a short drawing session.  The rest of the time will be devoted to painting.

At 3.15 on Friday afternoon we’ll clear the studio in preparation for an invaluable Group Critique to start at 4pm.

Our studio is in the Performance Space in the basement at Creek Creative. Access is through the door on the left as you enter the building. If the room is not being used, artists will be able to drop off their stuff on Wednesday afternoon, in which case I’ll be there from 3pm setting up the space. I'll confirm nearer the time whether we have access on Wednesday. Alternatively, artists can also enter/drop off their stuff via the Fire Exit at the rear of the building on Thursday morning from 8.30am or through the front entrance from 9am. Lunch will be from 12.15 to 1pm both days. There is a fantastic café at Creek Creative and lunch can be ordered in advance.  There will kettle, tea and coffee in the studio but please bring along a mug/cup!

Your Tutor

Ashley Hanson

Ashley Hanson

"Ashley's concern as an artist and teacher, is to unleash the emotional response to the subject matter that enables the painter to take risks, discover a 'personal colour palette that excites' and to provide the fresh vision of Britain's natural beauty that places him within the long tradition set by the masters of the landscape genre." Dr. Sally Bulgin, Editor, ‘The Artist’ magazine, February 2013


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