Start Date: 16/03/2023
Finish Date: 17/03/2023
Timings: 9.45am - 5pm
Duration: 2 Day
Location: Online ZOOM Workshop
Places Available: 10 artists: No
Cost: £110

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Using the ZOOM online platform, we aim to replicate the format and ambitions of our popular Freedom in Painting workshops. Suitable for artists with some experience. You will need a space to work and a reasonable internet connection and a laptop or tablet.

'Blue, blue, electric blue
That's the color of my room
Where I will live
Blue, blue....'   

'SOUND & VISION' David Bowie

A 2 day ZOOM workshop mixing/making/working with the beautiful and evocative colour BLUE...Why blue, which blue, how blue?  The colour blue in painting is rich in symbolism, meaning, emotion: working with our own subject, over the 2 days in the workshop we’ll explore the qualities, differences, and uses of blue in our paintings


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 In advance of the course, we recommend artists download the ZOOM App and familiarise themselves with how it operates. We will send a guide to ZOOM and your link to the ZOOM meeting (Your Workshop) a week before the workshop. Below is a guide to the format for the 2 days:


DAY 1 - THURS:  The workshop will begin at 9.45 with a 15 minute settling-in period where we make sure everyone can see and hear Ashley, your tutor, and a chance to say hello to your fellow artists. This will be followed by a short introductory talk & slideshow. and a demonstration by Ashley of the group exercise to follow, starting his own tree painting. This will be followed by individual working, where artists are to work on a single painting, making many changes. During the day there will be additional demonstrations and group exercises. Lunch is 12.30 -1 p.m. Each artist will be given a 15 minute slot for individual tuition, during the afternoon.  The day ends at 5pm and artists are asked to email an image of their painting during the day to help with feedback.

DAY 2 - FRI:  Day 2 begins at with short talk and demonstration. This will be a day of individual working - artists have a choice to start a second version of the painting if they wish. Lunch is 12.30 -1pm. There will be a 15 minute individual tuition session per artist during the day up to 2pm, followed by 90mins silent working where artists aim to resolve their painting. During this time, Ashley asks that artists email images of their painting so he can put together a Powerpoint presentation for the Group Critique, stating at 3.30pm.  During the Group Critique, there will be a strict 10 minutes allocated per artist. Led by Ashley, this finale to the course presents an important opportunity for the artists to share and discuss their work with the rest of the group.



Ashley gave us an informative, content rich two days with a nice relaxed feel to it which was good to take part in. Lupe Cunha

The workshop worked out really well. The preamble is always excellent with a great selection of appropriate artists work to inform and inspire. Carol Hayslip

 I found it easy to join and was able to follow the talk and demonstrations well. It was good to have Ashley tutoring my work and giving his valuable advice, but also nice to hear his feedback to other artists whilst I got on with my painting. I can learn from that too!  Hazel Crawford

Your Tutor

Ashley Hanson

Ashley Hanson

"Ashley's concern as an artist and teacher, is to unleash the emotional response to the subject matter that enables the painter to take risks, discover a 'personal colour palette that excites' and to provide the fresh vision of Britain's natural beauty that places him within the long tradition set by the masters of the landscape genre." Dr. Sally Bulgin, Editor, ‘The Artist’ magazine, February 2013


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